Handmade Recycled Turquoise Gemstone and Starfish Sterling Silver Necklace

Julie's Friday Crystal Ball 21 June 2019

Hi there dear Empaness supporter and gemstone jewellery fanatic.

Well my recycled jewellery range launch was really well received. I’m so pleased about this because it really lets me get creative with upcoming pieces and also I’m seeing so much opportunity these days in shaping ways of living sustainably.

Like having less stuff and more fun ! Time to break the cycle of consumption without thought. 

From containers to lounges, clothes to jewellery - there are many recycled items of exceptional quality out there, so consider buying recycled when you buy. 

I’m after a bohemian or boho look and feel with some of my new recycled jewellery pieces since this has proven to be rather popular at the moment.


Recycled Brass Rings & Black Onyx Earrings

We are currently improving the design of the Empaness website (empaness.com.au) - have a look and would love to hear your feedback. (julie@empaness.com.au)

Also have some new gorgeous Frosted Madagascar Agate gemstones in so will be working on some new creations this week. So very excited to make something unique and individual with these gemstones. 

Quote from me for the week is “one love, one heart, one destiny”  [Bob Marley] 

Bye for now - wishing you all a wonderful, happy and safe weekend.



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