Every Necklace Has A Story

Gemstone and crystal necklaces with elegance that instantly attract

Modern and classic designs to express your look !

Empaness will show you the mix and matches that you’ve always dreamed of. Talented Julie Miller is passionate about her craft, using sterling silver and the finest grade gemstones, beads and crystals to fashion necklaces that complement earrings or bracelets, or are a match in style and stones. A moonstone and lapis lazuli necklace partners similarly designed earrings or a matching bracelet. Tigers eye and onyx talk to each other; carnelian and black onyx seem made to shine together on a chain around your throat. Recycled materials are often used to great effect in our necklaces.

There is a beautiful necklace to suit every occasion – just browse the collection and choose the perfect adornment for that special outfit. If you don’t see quite what you’re looking for, just contact Julie (see Contact Us)  – she would be delighted to design something for you that meets your every need.