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 I'm Jules and if you haven't already met me, let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about me and Empaness. The name Empaness was created when trying to think of a unique name for my business that meant something important to me and described how I try to live my life every day on this planet. So I decided on Empaness – a combination of empathy and kindness. Two attributes the world needs more of.


I have always had a passion for jewellery design and I am so in love with gemstones and crystals, and now another passion is creating designs using reclaimed materials as this is great for Mother Earth and you. My unique handmade jewellery business emerged as the inevitable result of my passion for crafting matchless pieces. I use gemstones, crystals, sterling silver, 9 CT and 18 CT yellow gold, and more recently I have seen what could be done using vintage, reclaimed gemstones, findings and metal – hence my exclusive reclaimed range.


I started fashioning my unique and more than often one of a kind pieces in Sydney, holding two private exhibitions a year. I now live on the Gold Coast, where my inspiration for much of my work comes from the dreamy ocean beaches and landscapes around me.


I walk every day along the beach which makes me feel calm and at peace with the world to get me through what may be a crazy day in this world we live in now. I have two gorgeous grown up children. One of whom is Jasmine my daughter , who is also my model for Empaness. Been with the man of my dreams for 5 years.


It's exciting that I have just got some great new packaging that is totally environmentally friendly and looks fantastic at the same time. I'm always looking at ways to minimise my business's impact on the environment.


Empaness – the combination of my qualities are reflected in my exquisite, whimsical and peerless products just waiting to be loved and cherished forever.


Jules Xxxx

Contact me

For unequalled gifts, beautifully packaged and sent locally or worldwide, or if you would like to discuss anything about our products or perhaps talk about ordering some bespoke pieces you’ve been dreaming about that we can design together. Something similar from the website, but you would like some changes or use some vintage reclaimed pieces you have and make something individual for you from them. I would love to hear from you. 


Mobile: +61 406 520 451
Tugun Gold Coast, Australia