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         Empaness – a combination of empathy and kindness. Two attributes the world needs more of. And two attributes that shine through jewellery maker Julie Miller, and through the gorgeous gemstone jewellery that she makes by hand with creativity and passion. Jewellery often evokes more emotion than perhaps even your first house or car. A gift of jewellery represents so much – eternal love, tears, closeness and connection. And when it’s handmade and individual, even more so – which Julie feels and embodies in her work.


        Her unique handmade jewellery business emerged as the inevitable result of Julie's passion for crafting matchless pieces. She uses gemstones, sterling silver, 9ct and 18ct yellow gold, and more recently her sharp eye saw what could be done using vintage gemstones, findings and metal – hence her exclusive recycled range.


        Julie started fashioning her elegant and classy jewellery in Sydney, holding two private exhibitions a year. Her instant connection to and a love of gemstones saw her live her dream of designing and handmaking stunning pieces from top quality semi-precious gemstones, crystals and beads, together with the highest quality metals, sourced over the years from reliable suppliers.


        She has now moved to the Gold Coast, where her inspiration for much of her work comes from the dreamy ocean and landscapes of Coolangatta.


        Empaness – the combination of Julie’s qualities is reflected in her exquisite, whimsical and peerless products just waiting to enhance that special outfit. 


        Contact us 

        For unequalled gifts, beautifully packaged and sent locally or worldwide, or if you would like to discuss anything about our products or perhaps talk about ordering some pieces you’ve been dreaming about, we would love to hear from you. 

        Jules Miller  

        Mobile: +61 406 520 451

        Coolangatta Gold Coast, Australia