Jewellery Care and Storage

Empaness designs are timeless, elegant & most often one of a kind creations. You will treasure your piece, made by Julie, since she has spent time intricately creating it with love & attention to give you something special & unique.


Even though all Julie’s jewellery is made with the highest grade materials, the jewellery is delicate and it will wear over time. Try to avoid, if you can, things such as wearing in water and letting jewellery come into contact with perfumes and body lotions. 


You can clean your jewellery with silver and gold polishing cloths. Or you can use a jewellery solution - but first send Julie a message to check if your gemstone is able to go into a solution, as some gemstones are not capable of being put in solution. All jewellery, when it is open to humidity, air & heat can start to tarnish, so we suggest that you keep your jewellery in an airtight box. This could be a jewellery box or a container that has different compartments inside. We also recommend that you don’t store jewellery on top of each other, as this may scratch the jewellery.

Designed & created by Julie Miller in her home studio on the Gold Coast. Every creation is hand made by herself & has a story. Every piece is ingrained with detail, love & care. Gemstones & reclaimed pieces are handpicked, giving you a piece of elegance to cherish forever.