Love & Care For Your Jewellery


Thank you so much for purchasing your piece of jewellery from Empaness.

Empaness designs are timeless, elegant & most often one of a kind creations. You will treasure your piece, handmade made by me, since I have spent time intricately creating it with love & attention to give you something special & unique.


Artisan jewellery is created with utmost care, and is delicate, so it does require special care.
Please do not sleep, bathe or swim while wearing your jewellery. If you wear perfumes, lotions or use hairsprays, please apply these first, then put on your jewellery. Gemstones will absorb these products, and can then be damaged.
With my hand threaded creations, these can loosen over time depending on how often they are worn and may need rethreading. The great news is that you have a lifetime of rethreading for free. Simply message me if or when needed.


You can clean your jewellery with silver and gold polishing cloths. Or you can use a jewellery solution - but first send Julie a message to check if your gemstone is able to go into a solution, as some gemstones are not capable of being put in solution. All jewellery, when it is open to humidity, air & heat can start to tarnish, so we suggest that you keep your jewellery in an airtight box. This could be a jewellery box or a container that has different compartments inside. We also recommend that you don’t store jewellery on top of each other, as this may scratch the jewellery.

Enjoy your beautiful piece of jewellery
Jules Xx