Julie's Friday Crystal Ball 05 April 2019

Julie's Friday Crystal Ball 05 April 2019

Hi there dear Empaness supporters and gemstone jewellery fanatics

This week I would like to tell of Amethyst, which is visually a very striking and attractive stone. It also is a very powerful aid to meditation.


Handcrafted sterling silver snake chain with amethyst and smokey quartz pendant

Handcrafted sterling silver snake chain with Amethyst and Smokey Quartz pendant


This is what I’ve learned on how it got it’s name:

Ancient Greeks named the purple quartz Amethyst meaning "not intoxicated or intoxicating," based on the gem's apparent tendency to prevent drunkenness. The naming of this crystal is tied to Dionysus, the Greek god of drunkenness and religious ecstasy, who was known as Bacchus to the Romans. Apparently he felt offended by something a mortal said and then vowed vengeance on the next human he came in contact with. This unlucky mortal was a woman named Amethyst , who had tigers unleashed on her by Dionysus.  Luckily the goddess Diana turned Amethyst into a quartz statue so the tigers could not harm her. Dionysus wept with guilt, raining wine down on the quartz statue.  The wine was believed to create the rich, purple amethyst colour.

Amethyst is thought of as a protective stone. 

It is linked to the crown chakra, helpful in purifying the mind and clearing it of negative thoughts. This includes the negativity of stress and anxiety, which is why many meditate with Amethyst so as to rid themselves of that darkness.

The Amethyst properties which facilitate intuition and communication can also be applied to increased work effectiveness. 

I have heard that Amethyst can help in getting to sleep if you place some under your pillow.

It is thought by many to boost the endocrine system.


The colour of Amethyst can range from shades of dark translucent purple to light purples. Each stone is unique and will vary in shape and colour. 


This week’s news from Julie’s craft bench:

 Another busy fun filled week with trying to get my recycled collection finished in between watching the WSL world surfing competition ,which is being held here in my backyard at Coolangatta.

And working on my Easter campaign, which is exciting. Empaness will be launching this later today. We will be giving a discount of $10 off for orders over $80 and free shipping Australia wide. This promotion will go from today the 5th April till Easter Sunday 21st.

Remember the rewards program we have on the homepage for referring or purchasing - go take a look on the top right hand corner of the page!


If you have any questions about Empaness or our products you can message me on FB, Instagram or email  julie@empaness.com.au

Message from me for the week is “A heart full of love and compassion is the main source of inner strength, willpower, happiness, and mental tranquility” [Dalai Lama]

Bye for now - wishing you all a wonderful, happy and safe weekend. 




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