Julie's Friday Crystal Ball 3 May 2019

Julie's Friday Crystal Ball 3 May 2019

Hi there dear Empaness supporters and gemstone jewellery fanatics

My Agate pieces are always popular so I thought for this week I’d write a bit on this interesting and attractive stone.

handcrafted blue lace agate sterling silver drop earrings

Handcrafted Blue Lace Agate sterling silver drop earrings 

It’s name comes from the Achetes River in Sicily where it was found in antiquity. It is usually banded in beautiful layers or stripes. It has been a powerful talisman throughout history.

Like quite a few other gemstones, Agate is predominately composed of Chalcedony which is is form of silica. 

It comes in a lot of colours: 

Blue, Green (which is useful in providing understanding to other’s points of view in times of conflict), 

Pink (love between parent and child is associated with this variety) 

and one that is particularly interesting to me, Botswana Agate. Botswana Agate is believed to be helpful in counteracting the effects of smoke inhalation or anyone in contact with fire or smoke. Also it helps in eliminating toxins from the lungs and circulation in general. It also is said to help with creativity and seeing the big picture. On a physical level, it is great for the circulation and skin. Botswana Agate is associated with the crown chakra, according to Judy Hall. And I’ve seen many sources saying its good stone to have when battling depression.

Agate is believed to be spiritually significant and to raise consciousness, so it is also a great meditation stone. 

Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful healing stone, associated with the throat chakra. Great for unblocking thoughts and self-expression. 


Other forms of Agate include:

Fire Agate, a swirling luminescent stone

Tree Agate, which has fern like markings

Moss Agate, with moss like branching markings

handcrafted Red Garnet and Agate gemstone sterling silver bracelet

Handcrafted Red Garnet and Agate gemstone sterling silver bracelet 

This week’s news from Julie’s craft bench:

We have launched our awesome Mothers day special where with every purchase over $50 you receive a beautiful set of Rose Quartz gemstone earrings. This is for all the wonderful mothers out there.

I am also working on some bracelets and necklaces in Rose Quartz just in time for Mothers day. So keep an eye on our website www.empaness.com.au  and social media for these in the next couple of days.

Remember the rewards program we have on the homepage for referring or purchasing - go take a look on the top right hand corner of the page.

If you have any questions about Empaness or our products you can message me on FB, Instagram or email  julie@empaness.com.au


Message from me for the week is “Be kind always to all sentient beings"


Bye for now - wishing you all a wonderful, happy and safe weekend.



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