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Mojo Himalayan Bamboo Beer Bottle Candle with Wood Wick

$ 24.90 AUD

Luxuriously sustainable soy wax candle

Treat yourself & everyone around you & be considerate to our lovely planet at the same time.

This one has a complex combination of bamboo foliage and rich green florals. These Mojo Himalayan Bamboo Beer Bottle candles are calming and tend not to overstimulate. Great for relaxation and quiet contemplation. Use these in your place of retreat to sooth and comfort the soul.

Mojo Beer Bottle Candles are made from beer bottles that have been reclaimed from Sydney, Canberra and Southern Highland restaurants. The recycling philosophy in action with a quality product.

Burn time is over 30 hrs. Double burn wick gives a soothing crackling sound when burning.

The bottles have been cut by hand then sanded and polished.

Then hand-poured with totally natural soy wax in small batches. The soy wax has  gorgeous scents from the premium-grade fragrance oils, sourced in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.

And then a sustainable cork topper with bark finish to keep the candle dust free when you not using it.