Unique Reclaimed Jewellery


Reclaiming is the new name of the game – and talented and creative Julie has taken the range of Empaness adornments to a new high with a reclaimed range recently launched.

With her sharp eye for quality and beauty, Julie finds old and perhaps unfashionable pieces, takes them apart and applies her skills to produce new eye-catching, luxurious, fashionable or whimsical pieces that any woman would be wildly keen to wear. Not everything in the range is reclaimed; Julie often combines the old with the new to stunning effect.

Perhaps it’s the gemstone that comes from a previously owned piece, mixed with new silver findings or a new chain, or perhaps the chain or the base are older, it just depends on what her skilful and accomplished eyes see hidden in the several parts.

Looking for something that will just finish off your outfit? Empaness’ reclaimed range may be exactly what you’re after. Don’t miss it.